Friday, November 5, 2010

Indian Orphan Statistics..

As in my previous Post I had provide following things:-
1) Why we need this blog?
2) The statistics of Orphan children in whole world

Now in this Post I am presenting the Indian Orphan children Statistics.

According to the Latest 2010 Survey the Indian Orphan children statistics is as follows:-

a) The total children under 0-14year age in India is approx 34,01,19,00.

b) Out of that approx 2,32,46,000 are Orphan children which is approx 6.8% of total children.

c) With that, approx 8,3,64,000 many children are maternal Orphan and 1,57,97,000 are paternal Orphan whereas according to the report approx 9,15,000 are Double Orphan, which means those children has no parents.

Whereas according to the Survey 2005 the Indian Orphan Children statistics is as follows:-

d) The total children Under 0-14year of age is approx 34,20,54,000

e) Out of that approx 2,51,59,000 are Orphan Children which is approx 7.4% of total children.

f) Approx 96,89,000 many children are maternal Orphan and 1,65,82,000 are paternal Orphan whereas according to the report approx 11,12,000 are Double Orphan.

g) In Both Report(2010 & 2005), they didn't mention AIDS Orphan children, So we are unable to publish those figure in this blog.

So According to the Survey 2010, India(We) did little good Job.
First we are trying to control our Population as well as the Orphan percentage is also reduced.

Lets come and Join this Team and help those Orphan children who needs you &  your help.
Because No one can change the whole world, but you are able to change the whole world of some individuals (Orphan children) by helping them, spending good time with them, caring them.

On this Diwali, from our Team, We wished you & your family a very Happy & Safe Diwali.

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